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Introducing: Comfort Fee BETA

There are times, when a project cannot be continued due to various reasons. Although a client never archives a project without valid reasoning, we know that for you, freelancers it is to say the least, can be uncomfortable after spending time and energy on your application.

So we are introducing, as you saw, Comfort Fee BETA.

What does that mean exactly?

If you apply for a project, and for whatever reason it gets archived before selection, you (and every other applicant) are entitled to a comfort fee, that is 2000 credits. Those credits will be added to your account automatically. As you know, you can use those credits to get Goodies, which you can choose in the app, on the Referral page.

What if a project gets archived after you've (or someone else) already been chosen for the role?

Naturally, the fee is yours then as well, if you are the one the client saw fit for the role and chosen. Although the rest of the applicants do not get the fee in this instance.

How do I get the credits?

As you see above, you don't have to do anything, the comfort fee will be added to your account automatically.

You have more questions? Feel free to reach out and ask away at!

As always, have an awesome (and productive) day,

The Briefly Team