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Let’s check out a Briefly project!

After completing a project, we always assess the effectiveness of the collaboration because we believe we can only improve our processes based on feedback from freelancers and our clients.

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What was the biggest challenge during the project?


The Customer wanted to make comprehensive introductory videos for the online learning materials of an e-learning platform. However, the deadline was really tight. The aim of the videos and the project was to make a short trailer which will briefly summarize the courses and make it desirable for the viewer to complete the module. The Briefly team had to make a total of 7 1-minute animations from scratch in just 6 weeks.


What happens after we receive a brief?


At the beginning of the project, Orsi, the project manager, assessed the tasks and resources required for the project. The first step was to find an experienced copywriter to create the concept and wording for the videos, followed by a graphic animator to create the graphics and 2D animations. Orsi gathered the most suitable team from Briefly’s freelancer base of more than 2000 people and arranged further necessary resources such as a narrator, a sound studio and stock music.

Each Briefly project is built up by a designated project manager who recommends the most suitable Briefly freelancers for each project. This facilitates smooth communication between the client and the freelancers, so they only have to focus on their own job.


Why did Sysmass choose Briefly?


Zoltán, co-founder of Sysmass:

“After our first joint project, we were confident that we would continue to work with Briefly in the future. They give you the opportunity to post the task on their platform in only a few minutes, and the project manager contacted us in a very short time as well.
The recruitment and selection of the team needed to complete the project went smoothly and quickly, and Orsi, the project manager found our new team members with whom we were already satisfied before the work had even started based on their references. During the project, most of the burden was taken off of our shoulder by the project manager, so we only had to approve the finished materials.
 We were completely satisfied with the quality of the finished materials, and even the tight deadline was not a problem for our Briefly team. We can't wait to work on another project with Briefly!”


What made working together effective?

Orsi, Briefly Project Manager:

“I think efficiency can be the result of a multi-component process. It’s important that both the project manager, the client and the freelancer have a complete understanding of what they are asking for, what they are applying for and what is the time frame they will all have to work with. 
Pro tip: before selecting the freelancers, I usually consult with them on the phone, so they can ask their own questions and prepare for the commitment. After selecting the freelancer pool for the job, we organize a kickoff meeting and discuss what needs to be done so everyone is able to operate effectively within its own territory. Due to this part of the process, we are able to go back to the customer with a specific suggestion or sample animation, description of the process, and a more precise timing, so it is clear to both sides - freelancers and clients - who would do what, when, and when the customer would see the end result. ”


How do freelancers rate the project and why have more than 2000 people already chosen Briefly?


Zsófi, graphic designer, Briefly freelancer:

“I registered for Briefly because I am a digital traveler myself and I usually do project-based work. Briefly is absolutely helping me in this lifestyle. I like this platform because it is specifically set up for freelancers not like old-school job seeker websites. There’s more time left for creative planning, and the project manager takes a huge burden of administrative tasks off my shoulder.”


Bence, copywriter, Briefly freelancer:

“As a beginner freelancer, the platform has come in handy as it has made it so much easier to find a job, with Briefly eliminating the traditional ‘job fuss’ and cold self-selling that usually operate with a low success rate. A platform like Briefly can be a good complement to my other assignments.”


How fluent was the communication with the Project Manager and the client?



“I am completely satisfied with the communication, any problems that arised were certain to be cleaned up within a few days. What I liked about the project was that we could create a more complex, unified design not just a tiny segment. These jobs are my absolute favorite. The team built up from freelancers with very different experiences and backgrounds, had proven to be perfect partners during the project. Luckily, we had the same mindset as the client from the very beginning and this definitely made the work smoother and more efficient.  We have built up the work step by step, so it was easy to talk through any changes during the project. They were as smooth as the creative team.”


How has the Briefly platform helped you in your work?



“It was good to see on a more complex, multi-participant Briefly project what I can expect in the future. On the Briefly team, the project manager was my priority contact and I always felt she responded quickly to my questions and acted effectively. The platform itself has allowed me to immediately check out who the participants were, their portfolio and the client of course.”


How did Briefly help the work?


Orsi, Briefly Project Manager:

“Briefly is primarily a great help to both clients and freelancers to meet the needs crucial to create a successful outcome. In addition, the platform removes some of the administrative burden from both sides, because the contract and the deposition of the fee can be handled with a few clicks – this means that the payment will be physically secured, which will result in commitment on the side of the client, and a guarantee for the freelancer that a job well done will certainly be rewarded.”



What did you like most about the project?



"Personally, I used to work as a producer, and here as well, the basic brief was content production - and for me, these types of projects are the best kind. If only for a few months, but I felt like I was a member of a superb team again, so thank you Zsófi, Bence and Zoli for working on this project so skillfully!"


How was the collaboration with the client?



“It was also smooth. During the debriefing and before starting the project, I discussed the proposed resource requirements for the project, the available budget, and the implementation process with the client — that is, the details of what should happen in order to keep the estimated timing. We agreed on everything in writing, by email or by phone, and if we needed to make changes, we made some minor adjustments in the process. We were able to proceed smoothly, we received constant, useful feedback, so we never had to keep the work on hold.”


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