Briefly Team
6 min.

The ESSENTIALS to make your Briefly profile stand out

Have you ever heard the saying “An expertly filled-out Briefly profile is the key to being successfully picked out for the best freelance projects”? Well, if you haven’t, no worries, now you can put it up on your wall and use it all the time in conversations.

Joking aside, the first step to establish a prosperous presence on Briefly is setting up your profile. We must say it’s not only the first, but one of the most important steps. If your profile is eye-catching and carefully crafted in detail, you have a much better chance at getting picked for projects or getting into clients’ pools.

So we gathered the basics and some tips on how to make your Briefly profile stand out:

1. BASIC INFORMATION: After giving your name and email address, make sure to provide your phone number as well, so that your clients can reach you if they have any questions regarding your profile, offer or during working on a project!

2. PROFILE PHOTO: Choose a profile pic that is high-resolution, represents you the best and fits your personality! Make sure your face is visible, not too small compared to other parts of the photo, and the picture is professional but friendly and approachable. 

3. COVER PHOTO: Don’t forget to upload a cover photo! It adds to your profile a lot visually, and it shows anyone who is looking at your profile that you put in the energy while setting it up. After choosing a nice, aesthetically pleasing photo, you can add one of your favourite inspirational (professional-themed of course) quotes, a collage of your favourite projects or clients, and also use it to display your website or social media profiles.

4. PROFESSIONS: Choose all the professions you feel you have enough experience in, you can add your expertise level as well. Later on your profile you can add descriptions and portfolio links to all the professions you’ve chosen.

5. INTRODUCTION: Your basic introduction shows up right below your profile pic and name, so it is really important that you choose your words wisely as it is a critical part of the first impression a visitor gets. As a marketing professional you surely know: this is the part where you have to sell yourself. We recommend to be brief but not too much: a few sentences about what you do and why you do it, what you especially love about your job and what led you to it. Include some information about your experience, but remember, you can go into more detail under each profession description. 

6. PROFESSION DESCRIPTION: This is the place where you can go into a little more detail about your chosen professions, why you think it’s important, what experience you have, what were your favourite projects or clients that you’re particularly proud of. 

7. PORTFOLIO: You can insert a link to your portfolio for each profession you’ve chosen. We recommend creating separate portfolios for each area, or dissecting your existing portfolio. This way every area of your expertise is uniquely represented and enriched with examples and best practices. A good portfolio showcases all your talents through presenting relevant experience and past projects as examples. It looks different in all professions as the work you do isn’t the same either. There are great platforms where you can design and put together your portfolio, check out Behance, Dribbble, or just create a simple but well-designed Google Slides presentation. If you need some additional tips on how to make a stunning and impressive portfolio, stay tuned!

Aaand, if you went through everything listed above, it looks like you’re finished! Great job! Make sure to update your profile from time to time, so it stays relevant and showcases all your freshest and proudly finished projects!