How did you find us? A lot of people did it through a friend or colleague. So we decided it’s not right that they go unrewarded!

If you’ve been referred

Don’t leave it unread! Use the link that you received and meet the referral conditions, so you can get those credits. What are the conditions?

  1. Register with the link
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Apply for a project or an application pool

Seems pretty easy, right? And it is, provided you know already how to complete a profile and what a pool is. If not, these will help:

If the conditions are met, your credits are automatically added to your profile. See for yourself in the Referral menu. The credits you received and the Goodies you redeemed can be seen in the “History” section at the bottom of the page.

If you refer someone, everybody wins. They can win a project, you can win some credits, then get some Goodies.

And who doesn’t like some Goodies?

I got someone to refer!

Do you know someone? Then the rest is simple! Go to Referral, copy and send the referral link to as many people as you'd like! 

If someone joins Briefly via this link and meet the conditions, you will both earn credits that can be redeemed for valuable Goodies.

Seen a project, and it made you think of someone at once? Let’s refer them to that specific project! Find that project card, then find ‘Referral’ under the project description. The conditions are the same in this case too.

To get the credits, the invited person must complete all the steps of the three-part process:

  1. Register on the link you sent
  2. Fill in your profile 
  3. Submit an application

Once someone registers with your link, they will appear in the "Pending Referrals" section of the Referral menu. Here you can keep track of where they are in completing the conditions

If the conditions are met, the credits are automatically added to your profile. You can also see this by going to the Referral menu. It will also appear at the bottom of the page in the “History” section. 

Credits. Gotta catch ‘em all and redeem them to Briefly Goodies!

Briefly Goodies

Getting Goodies is the only thing that’s better than saying Goodies. You can see them here and if you click on the arrow in the bottom left corner, you can find out more about them. If you like them, click on redeem and we’ll send you all the info you need.