Work without limits.
Easily build, manage,
and scale your
freelancer pool.

The All-In-One Toolkit for working
with freelancers.  

Check your
talent pool

Is there someone you want to work with immediately? Contact them directly, discuss the project details, set deadlines, and start working together.

Find the next star of your team

Would you rather find new talent? Just post a job ad for the unlimited pool of Briefly freelancers and wait only 3 days. Choose the best applicant, and the project can start right away. Best part: one more talent in your freelancer pool. It’s like magic.


Create synergies in your team, share internal comments and ratings, see how your freelancers are performing, check what kind of projects are ongoing, and just keep tabs on everything you need!


It is just like you want it: We follow your processes when it comes to non-disclosure agreements, screening or onboarding processes, user provisions, and payment approvals. You can even create custom tags for freelancers for future work.

Different access to everyone in your organization

Give specific access to your financial, HR, or creative team. You hold the key to all decisions regarding permissions.

Get referrals

What does QUALITY mean to you? Working together, we’ll discover your every wish and then multiply all the people and things you love about Briefly. Get quality referrals thanks to the Briefly Referral Program so your talent pool can multiply itself. Check out our Referral page

Tell us how your business works, and we’ll personalize the Briefly platform so it’s tailored to your needs
Bring in talent you already know and trust
Find new talent and grow your online talent pool
Start project monitoring, keep an eye on progress, see freelancers’     capacity
Leave the administrative work to the robots, and keep everything in one place  

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