Freelancer Profile

Freelancer Profile

A portfolio is not just a longer word for a CV. It shows your true personality and presents your previous works as well. Sure, we want to know about your past roles but we also can’t wait to learn about all the projects you did, the ones that made you the proudest, and the ideas that really motivate you. The math is simple: more details equals a higher chance of landing the job!

Just so you know: You need to complete your profile to apply for a project.

Setting up your Profile and cover image

Upload your own profile and cover image by clicking on the images and choose the one that matches your profile the best from your own library. Then you can change your mind. Then change it again. Fortunately, you can do this as many times as you want, forever.

One more thing: The cover image measures 1267x177 and the profile image 600x600. It will crop your cover image to this size, aligned to the center.


If only we would know you a little bit better! Click ‘Edit’ on the top of your profile and introduce yourself! Paint an overall picture of yourself - just figuratively - which improves your chances of landing a project. Let’s put aside your experiences for a bit, there’s a time and place for them as well. Focus on convincing the client that you are the very best choice.

Just so you know: Better safe than not saving. If you are editing the introduction, never forget to save it, otherwise the previous version will remain and the update will be lost.