Pool application

Pool application

Hold on to your swimsuit for now. A pool at Briefly means the client’s pool full of freelancers. Every client can select their freelancers through a unique process. A pool aims to be the basis of a long-term cooperation. Why apply? It doesn’t just make working together super easy, but this way you can work on multiple projects as well. Let us help you navigate them!

Pool application

There are two ways to get into a pool. Through a certain project, or through a pool application process.

Managing pools

If you’re keeping an eye out, you will notice all of your pool applications on the dashboard, and it’s current progress as well. 

There’s a chart about the owner of the pool, important dates and the current status of your application.

There’s a bunch of things you can do, if you just click on those little icons at the end of each row:

  • You can stalk the profile of the owner of the pool
  • Send them a message (they’re automatic, we’ve got you covered, no need to overthink it)
  • You can see all the open projects for that pool, feel free to dive in
  • You can also leave the pool for good or delete an application
Just a note: follow the blue button, you’ll get some really useful info
Here’s a tip: Been waiting for feedback for too long biting your nails? Ease your anxiety with the automatic message function, if there’s only been silence and tumbleweeds since you applied. This way the pool owner will know, it’s high time to reply.

Keep your eye on the prize and on your pool application. It’s so simple, but we’ll show you how to do it, just in case.

Applying through a project

When you apply for a project, which has been posted by a client, with whom you haven’t worked before, you need to do the following:

  • under the project description, click on "apply for pool",
  • fill in the questionnaire as accurately as possible,
  • enter your hourly rate and submit your application,
  • wait for the client's feedback,
  • once you are in the pool, accept the confidentiality agreement and prepare your offer.

If you're not selected for the job, but you're in the pool, you can see the non-public parts of the projects that the client has posted and bid for them immediately.

Just so you know: we know it’s not easy to be patient, but as soon the client made their decision, we’ll notify you via email either way.
Just a note: there are pools with simplified applications. This means that your application will be automatically accepted and you’ll be able to make your offer right after a questionnaire.
Just so you know: Once a secret, always a secret. The contents of the confidentiality agreement may vary from pool to pool, so always read it before accepting it, as you cannot withdraw it once you have accepted it.

Applying for a pool directly

Pools can be found on the Dashboard. Here, you can see which ones you are a member of already, which ones you can apply to, and the status of your application. You only need to click and you can see all the important info and submit your application. For this, you need:

  • to fill out the questionnaire,
  • give an hourly rate and send your application,
  • wait for feedback,
  • Accept the confidentiality agreement, if you made it into the pool

You can then see the non-public parts of the projects advertised by the client and bid for them immediately.

Just a tip: How fresh is your profile? Keep it crispy, because the clients pick their freelancers based on their profiles.