Personal details

Personal details

Don’t worry, it’s just the basics.

In the personal data menu, you can set or change your:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

These contacts are the ones where we will send all the good news to! So make sure they are the right ones.

Just so you know: Better safe than not saving. If you edit your personal details, never forget to save, otherwise the previous version will remain and the update will be lost.
Just a note: Ever been given a fake number? The email address you enter here will be the one that we’ll reach out to with all the important stuff. So make sure you enter here the one that you really use.
Just so you know: Working together will mean talking to each other, that’s something that science is yet to find a solution for. So we’ll need your phone number, there’s just no way around it. Otherwise you won’t be able ot apply for any project.