Managing the Talent pool

Managing the Talent pool

If you’re planning for the future, then you’re building a team of people who can help you in reaching it. That is what we call the Talent pool, your very own band of freelancers. Build it smart, and build it strong, so you can use it whenever you need to.

We’ll show you how it’s done, but first, let’s see what we mean when we say ‘pool member’:

A pool member is a freelancer whom you’ve already worked with, or at least planning to in the future. They’ve already applied once, and you accepted their application. They have then accepted a confidentiality agreement and thus made it into the pool.

There are three ways for a freelancer to get into a pool:

  • You can upload them from your own circle
  • They can apply on a separate interface, designed specifically for this
  • They can apply before giving an offer at a project

Your own circle

We don’t mind if you bring someone into our fold, and you will probably do them a favor as well.

You have the option to add a certain number of freelancers as per your package to the pool. To do this, go to the "Freelancer pool" menu and scroll down to "Freelancer pool application". Here, click on "Invite new freelancer" and you will be presented with a form that you can fill in to invite new freelancers.

Pool application card

It is possible to create a card where freelancers can apply directly to the pool. In this case, all Approvers can accept the applicant. When you accept an applicant, your name will appear in his details.

Just a note: For getting a card like this, contact our support team:

Pool application at a project 

Among the project applicants, you will also find applicants who are not pool members. For them to be able to make you an offer, they first apply to the pool. The Approver who owns the project can accept their application.

Accepting an application 

Each applicant fills in a form that will help you find out a little more about them. You can find this by clicking on "Actions" in the sign-in area. Check out their profile and send them a message if you need to.

If you feel you have enough information to make a decision, click on the appropriate button. The freelancer will then be notified. You will see them among the pool members when he has accepted the confidentiality agreement.

The new pool member can now see the non-public details of the projects and can make an offer immediately.