You have just posted your project, and right now, a bunch of freelancers are reaching for their phones and checking their emails, because they’ve been pinged by Briefly.

They click on the link, enter the platform and start checking it out. You just wait and we’ll let you know when somebody applies.

You can view the candidates by clicking on the project, task by task. Click on the button at the bottom of each task to see the candidates. 


We’re sure you can’t wait to see who showed interest in your project, so let’s do just that! 

Click on the button below the task to see the freelancers applying for the task. Here you can see separately those who are members of the talent pool and those who are applying for the first time. 

We covered how freelancer pool works here:

But how will you choose? We make it easy, because if you open their profile, you can access their professional intro, portfolio, ratings for previous projects, and the internal feedbacks. See someone you like? Put them on your shortlist.

See those notifications? It must be the applicants or interested people sending you messages, because they can do that as well.

And the project goes to…

Before choosing the lucky freelancer who gets to work with you, you first need to close the application. The winner is then chosen one by one for each task.

Ever been rejected for something you really wanted? Then you know how it feels. If you can spare the time, give some feedback to the ones who not made it this time, using the drop-down menu. They will surely appreciate it, and you also get some points for karma surely.

Just a note: You can always reopen the application process, as long as you didn’t select anyone. 

You got the team, now let’s finalize their offers.