All that paperwork, without all that paper. Your documents can be easily accessed under a separate menu. You will find the records of our work together generated by Briefly.

Browse and find the one you’re looking for from the drop-down menu. You can see the date they were created and for which project, plus they can be downloaded of course.

Types of documents

Confidentiality agreement

A non-disclosure agreement is created when a freelancer accepts it after they join a pool. This is your company's own confidentiality agreement.

Just a note: If you ever feel like changing your confidentiality agreement, feel free to reach out to our support team and we will change it for you in the system:


A contract contains all the details of the project, including the description of tasks and the bid, so when the final task descriptions are drawn up, make sure they include all the important stuff.

After you picked your freelancers, you might tweak the description a bit. Part of our service is to help you define your goals and tools. When a final offer is made, it is always accepted by the freelancer first. 

Just a note: The project description is only a part of the contract,  the other part is your contract template. If you want to change this, contact our support team and we’ll be happy to change it for you within the system: Unfortunately, it cannot be changed retrospectively.
Just a note: you can still change some things in the job specification after the selection process together with the freelancer, just so everything is in order, as the contract will be issued based on this.
Just so you know: If you change your details after the contract has been signed, they will not be retrospectively changed in the contract.

Certificate of completion

A certificate of completion is issued by the approver at the end of the project. You can complete the project by accepting all freelancer assignments. But we’ll tell you about this in the project closure too.


Once the certificate of completion has been issued, freelancers will be notified that they can be invoiced. You will be notified when the invoice has been uploaded. 

Just a note: Briefly freelancers can only issue e-invoices in our system.