Starting and closing a project

Starting and closing a project

You picked your people and they can’t wait to hear from you. Don’t make them wait any longer, you’re a team now! Let’s see what comes next. 

Finalizing the offer 

When the system sees that you got your team together, you can once again edit all the descriptions in the project, so you can finalize all details together. Any modifications can only be made by the Approver who assigned the project, so this is a time for constant and vivid communication within the team. 

Just so you know: it is important to include all the details in the description because this will be included in the contract.

When the final proposal is ready, send it for approval. At this time, the freelancers approve first and when each selected freelancer has approved the final proposal for all the tasks they are assigned with, it is sent to the Financial approver. 

In case there is no Financial approver, the Superadmin will be the approver. 

Financial approvers, if there are more than one, will be allocated in the order in which you selected them when you posted your project.

If everyone agrees, the contracts will be signed and from here on out can be found in the documents. 

Now your project can finally start!

Closing a project 

All good things come to an end, and we hope your Briefly project was nothing but good things! If everything is said and done, you can close the project.

The steps are:

  • Closing the project
  • Issuing certificates of completion
  • Accepting the invoices 
  • Giving feedback

You can close the project by going to the project card and clicking "Close project". Be prepared, because once closed, you will be tasked with issuing the certificate of completion immediately. This is where you will find the button that will take you to the interface. Accept the completion one by one by ticking the checkboxes, then go to the submit button.

Once the certificate of completion has been issued, freelancers will be notified to upload their invoices. 

Just a note:  Briefly freelancers have to issue electronic invoices.

Once everyone has uploaded their invoices, you can accept them for payment. Then you have nothing to do but forward the invoices and rate the project. You can find all documents in the documents menu.

Just a tip: By sharing the project with a link, a User can also see the project and its documents.
Just a note:  the Financial approvers assigned to the project can also see the project documents.